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You are likely already successful. But despite much success, you’re perhaps questioning the purpose of your life, and the impact you’re making in the world. And you may have promises that you would still like to keep, dreams you would still like to achieve, major life changes you want to make, regrets that you want to avoid, and legacies that you want to leave behind.

You’re not alone: virtually everyone faces this situation at some point or other in their life. Why? Because like you, they usually lack a Success Blueprint that gives them clarity and confidence. So, will you let your challenges become a source of deep and increasing unhappiness, or will you take an important step today so that you can feel fulfilled and happy in the coming year and beyond?

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1.   What is your highly powerful and effective system for sustained goal achievement, which guarantees you will attain any goal you set, without fail?

2.   Fear is the dreaded 4 letter word that stops most people achieving their goals. But for some people, it can be the springboard to achieving their goals. Describe how your fears are stopping you from achieving everything you want out of life.

3.   Describe how you manage the energy sappers that cause you to miss your work/business and personal goals and live a life that has less balance then you desire

4.   Describe how you get through your To Do list, and achieve more than 200% of the outcomes that others achieve in a month

5.   Describe how you handle the frustration of a lack of work/life balance in your week

6.   Describe the questions you ask yourself daily that changes your inward thinking, which in turn leads to your desired outward results

7.   Outline how you SUSTAIN the changes you make in your life (or do you quickly revert back to your old habits and results, like 99% of people?)

8.   Are you one of the few people who have mastered how to set huge, inspiring, audacious 20 year goals to ensure you think BIG?